Restaurants in Lyon

Top 10 Restaurants in Lyon, France

Lyon, France’s gastronomic heartland, has long been renowned for its culinary prowess, but the landscape of its top 10 best restaurants has been evolving dynamically. Once dominated by classic restaurants and Michelin-starred establishments, the city’s culinary scene now dazzles with a fusion of traditional 

Flavours and contemporary innovation. This transformation reflects the city’s deep-rooted respect for its gastronomic history while embracing modern trends and techniques. These top establishments, handpicked for their excellence, exemplify the balance of quality and authenticity, with each offering a unique experience, whether through their time-honoured recipes passed down through generations or cutting-edge culinary experimentation.

Top 10 Restaurants in Lyon, France

The criteria for selecting Lyon’s top 10 best restaurants extend beyond mere taste to include aspects such as innovation, sustainability, and the ability to provide an unforgettable dining experience. Quality remains paramount, ensuring that each dish served is a testament to Lyon’s culinary heritage. Authenticity is also crucial, providing a genuine taste of the local culture and ingredients. However, innovation is increasingly important, with many restaurants incorporating new technologies and sustainable practices to enhance the dining experience. This list of top 10 restaurants in Lyon is a guide to great eating and a journey through the city’s evolving gastronomic narrative, showcasing the perfect blend of the old and the new.

1. Le Poivron Bleu

Le Poivron Bleu
Le Poivron Bleu

Nestled in Lyon’s vibrant streets, Le Poivron Bleu emerged as a culinary beacon for those seeking fresh, seasonal French dishes. Known for its dynamic chalkboard menu, the restaurant has constantly adapted to offer the freshest local produce. While details about its founding and architectural uniqueness are not extensively documented, Le Poivron Bleu has carved out a niche emphasizing local ingredients and an approachable, upscale dining experience. It continues to charm diners with its casual sophistication and exceptional cuisine.

  • Location: 60 Rue Professeur Weill, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€.

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2. Le Bouchon des Cordeliers

Le Bouchon des Cordeliers
Le Bouchon des Cordeliers

As an authentic representative of Lyon’s famous bouchons, Le Bouchon des Cordeliers stands out for its dedication to traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. Its status as an official bouchon lyonnais underscores its commitment to preserving and celebrating the region’s culinary heritage. Though specific historical and architectural details have yet to be discovered, its reputation for serving classic dishes like quenelles and andouille sausage in a setting that blends homeliness with a touch of modernity makes it a must-visit. The restaurant embodies the spirit of Lyon’s gastronomic scene.

  • Location: 15 Rue Claudia, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€.

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3. Restaurant Paul Bocuse

Restaurant Paul Bocuse
Restaurant Paul Bocuse

Just outside Lyon, in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or, stands the legendary Restaurant Paul Bocuse, a tribute to the renowned chef who revolutionized French cuisine with his nouvelle approach. Awarded two Michelin stars, this fine dining establishment is a culinary landmark. Though details about its early history are not readily available, the restaurant’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the culinary arts has made it a beacon in the global gastronomy scene. Its elegant setting and iconic dishes, like truffle soup and Bresse chicken, offer a dining experience steeped in luxury and tradition.

  • Location: 40 Rue de la Plage, 69660 Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or.
  • Price Range: €€€€.

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4. Le Bœuf d’Argent

Le Bœuf d'Argent
Le Bœuf d’Argent

Le Bœuf d’Argent in Lyon is a testament to refined French cuisine without the exorbitant prices. While specific details about its founding and architectural design are limited, its reputation for offering a one-Michelin-star dining experience is well-known. The restaurant, run by a passionate husband and wife team, presents a personalized culinary experience in a cosy and charming setting, making it ideal for those seeking polished cuisine in a warm atmosphere.

  • Location: 29 Rue du Bœuf, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€€.

5. Le Neuvième Art

Le Neuvième Art
Le Neuvième Art

Le Neuvième Art, graced with two Michelin stars, is a testament to modern culinary artistry in Lyon. Chef Christophe Roure’s masterful creations are a feast for the senses. While the restaurant’s history and architectural details are not widely documented, its reputation for combining exquisite plating with an extensive wine selection is renowned. The interior exudes a chic, modern vibe, appealing to those who appreciate a contemporary twist on fine dining.

  • Location: 173 Rue Cuvier, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€€€.

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6. La Tête De Lard

La Tête De Lard
La Tête De Lard

La Tête De Lard is a quintessential bouchon, offering an authentic slice of Lyonnaise cuisine. While not extensively recorded, the restaurant’s history is rooted in traditional local dishes. With checkered tablecloths, its rustic ambience transports diners to the heart of Lyon’s culinary heritage, serving specialities like quenelle and boiled calf’s head.

  • Location: 15 Rue Désirée, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€.

7. Carmelo


Breaking away from traditional French cuisine, Carmelo brings a slice of Italy to Lyon. While not historic in the conventional sense, this trendy Italian restaurant has quickly established itself as a go-to destination for fresh, handmade pasta. The chic interior and affordable prices make it popular among locals and tourists.

  • Location: 7 Rue Neuve, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€.

8. L’Argot


L’Argot uniquely combines a butcher shop with a restaurant catering to meat lovers with various high-quality selections. Its inception and design details are unknown, but its dual function has made it a distinctive feature in Lyon’s dining scene. The restaurant excels in its culinary offerings and warm, inviting ambience.

  • Location: 132 Rue Bugeaud, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€€.

9. Les Flacconeurs Bistro

Les Flacconeurs Bistro
Les Flacconeurs Bistro

Les Flacconeurs Bistro is a modern French restaurant that quickly became a name in Lyon. Co-founded by two lifelong friends, it balances high-quality food with a relaxed, home-like atmosphere. Though lacking in historical prominence, it is dedicated to creating an inviting dining experience.

  • Location: 38 Rue de l’Arbre Sec, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€.

10. La Sommelière

La Sommelière
La Sommelière

La Sommelière, a Michelin-starred restaurant, showcases the fusion of French culinary art with modern influences. Led by a Japanese chef specializing in French cuisine, the restaurant offers an innovative and refined dining experience. The stylish interior and original, beautifully plated dishes speak to its contemporary approach to gastronomy.

  • Location: 6 Rue Mourguet, Lyon.
  • Price Range: €€€€.


Lyon’s culinary landscape is a mosaic of traditional flavours, modern innovations, and unique dining experiences. Each restaurant, with its own story and character, contributes to the rich gastronomic tapestry of the city. Whether you’re seeking the comfort of a traditional Bouchon or the elegance of Michelin-starred dining, Lyon offers diverse options to satisfy every palate. Remember, while exploring these culinary delights, to immerse yourself in the history and ambience that make each establishment uniquely Lyon.

FAQs: Top 10 Restaurants in Lyon, France

Q: What are some of the top restaurants in Lyon, France?

A: The top restaurants in Lyon include Le Poivron Bleu, Le Bouchon des Cordeliers, Restaurant Paul Bocuse, Le Bœuf d’Argent, Le Neuvième Art, La Tête De Lard, Carmelo, L’Argot, Les Flacconeurs Bistro, and La Sommelière.

Q: Are there any Michelin-starred restaurants in Lyon?

A: Yes, Lyon boasts several Michelin-starred restaurants. Restaurant Paul Bocuse and Le Neuvième Art both have two Michelin stars, while La Sommelière has one Michelin star.

Q: Can I find traditional Lyonnaise cuisine in these restaurants?

A: Absolutely! Restaurants like Le Bouchon des Cordeliers and La Tête De Lard specialize in traditional Lyonnaise cuisine, offering local delicacies and classic dishes.

Q: Are there various cuisine types in the top restaurants of Lyon?

A: Yes, while many restaurants focus on traditional French and Lyonnaise cuisine, you can also find establishments like Carmelo, which offers Italian dishes and provides a variety of culinary experiences.

Q: Are these top restaurants expensive?

A: The price range varies. Some, like Restaurant Paul Bocuse, are high-end and more expensive, while others, like Le Poivron Bleu and Carmelo, offer more affordable dining experiences.

Q: Do I need to make reservations at these restaurants?

A: Making reservations, especially for the more popular or Michelin-starred restaurants like Restaurant Paul Bocuse and Le Neuvième Art, is highly recommended, as they can get fully booked quickly.

Q: Are there any top restaurants in Lyon that offer outdoor dining?

A: Some restaurants like Le Poivron Bleu and Le Bouchon des Cordeliers offer outdoor dining options, allowing guests to enjoy their meals in a charming outdoor setting.

Q: Which top restaurant in Lyon would suit a special occasion?

A: Restaurant Paul Bocuse or Le Neuvième Art would be ideal for a special occasion, offering exquisite fine dining experiences with Michelin-starred quality.

Q: Are any top restaurants in Lyon known for their wine selection?

A: Le Neuvième Art is renowned for its extensive wine selection, featuring nearly four hundred options, making it a great choice for wine enthusiasts.

Q: Can I find vegetarian or vegan options in these top Lyon restaurants?

A: While traditional Lyonnaise cuisine is meat-centric, many top restaurants in Lyon offer vegetarian options. It’s always best to check with the restaurant beforehand or request special accommodations when making a reservation. Vegan options might be more limited but can be found with prior inquiry.

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