Best Restaurants in Rome

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Rome, Italy

Rome’s culinary scene, renowned for its dynamic evolution and rich diversity, presents a compelling blend of age-old traditions and innovative gastronomy. The ‘Top 10 Best Restaurants in Rome, Italy’ epitomizes this enchanting mix, showcasing establishments that have adapted to changing tastes while preserving the essence of Italian cuisine.

From quaint trattorias that have stood the test of time to modern eateries pushing the boundaries of culinary art, these top-tier restaurants reflect Rome’s unique ability to harmonize the old with the new.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Rome, Italy

These culinary gems are selected based on stringent criteria, emphasizing quality, authenticity, innovation, and relevance in today’s food landscape. Factors such as sustainable practices, using local ingredients, and incorporating technological advancements in food preparation play a pivotal role. This list isn’t just a testament to Rome’s gastronomic excellence; it’s a journey through the city’s evolving palate, offering insights into how each restaurant contributes to the rich tapestry of Roman dining experiences.

1. La Pergola Restaurants in Rome

La Pergola
La Pergola

History & Architecture: Founded in the 1990s, La Pergola boasts a breathtaking view of the Eternal City. Its interior reflects a blend of classic and contemporary Roman styles.

Evolution & Current Features: Under the leadership of Chef Heinz Beck, La Pergola has evolved into Rome’s only three-Michelin-starred restaurant, known for its innovative Italian cuisine.

Ambiance & Services: The restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience with a wine cellar containing over 60,000 bottles and a water menu with 29 choices.

Location & Pricing: Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. Average price: $250-$300 per person.

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2. Roscioli Restaurants in Rome


History & Architecture: Roscioli, a family-run establishment, started as a bakery in the 1800s and later transformed into a restaurant.

Evolution & Current Features: It’s renowned for its exceptional selection of cheeses, meats, and wines, offering a quintessential Roman dining experience.

Ambiance & Services: The atmosphere is cozy and bustling, ideal for savoring traditional Roman dishes.

Location & Pricing: Via dei Giubbonari, 21, 00186 Roma RM. Average price: $50-$70 per person.

3. Pierluigi Restaurants in Rome


History & Architecture: Established in 1938, Pierluigi is known for its elegant dining and historical setting in Rome’s centro storico.

Evolution & Current Features: It’s famous for seafood and has hosted numerous celebrities and dignitaries.

Ambiance & Services: The restaurant offers indoor and picturesque outdoor seating in a charming piazza.

Location & Pricing: Piazza de’ Ricci, 144, 00186 Roma RM. Average price: $80-$100 per person.

4. Antico Arco Restaurants in Rome

Antico Arco
Antico Arco

History & Architecture: Housed in a 19th-century building on the Janiculum hill, Antico Arco has been a culinary hotspot since its inception in 1999.

Evolution & Current Features: The restaurant is celebrated for its creative Italian cuisine and extensive wine list.

Ambiance & Services: It offers a sophisticated yet warm atmosphere, perfect for an upscale dining experience.

Location & Pricing: Piazzale Aurelio, 7, 00152 Roma RM. Average price: $60-$80 per person.

5. Il Pagliaccio Restaurants in Rome

Il Pagliaccio
Il Pagliaccio

History & Architecture: Opened in 2003, Il Pagliaccio is set in the heart of Rome and presents a modern, chic interior.

Evolution & Current Features: With two Michelin stars, the restaurant is famed for its fusion of Italian and Asian cuisines.

Ambiance & Services: The setting is intimate and refined, with attentive service.

Location & Pricing: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 129/a, 00186 Roma RM. Average price: $100-$150 per person.

6. Armando al Pantheon Restaurants in Rome

Armando al Pantheon
Armando al Pantheon

History & Architecture: This restaurant, steps away from the Pantheon, has served classic Roman cuisine since 1961.

Evolution & Current Features: It’s a bastion of traditional Roman cooking, offering timeless dishes.

Ambiance & Services: The environment is warm, welcoming, and familial.

Location & Pricing: Salita dei Crescenzi, 31, 00186 Roma RM. Average price: $40-$60 per person.

7. Alfredo alla Scrofa Restaurants in Rome

Alfredo alla Scrofa
Alfredo alla Scrofa

History & Architecture: Known as the birthplace of Fettuccine Alfredo, the restaurant dates back to 1914 and has a classic Roman charm.

Evolution & Current Features: Its claim to fame is the legendary Fettuccine Alfredo, a dish that has attracted celebrities worldwide.

Ambiance & Services: The restaurant offers a historic and authentic dining experience.

Location & Pricing: Via della Scrofa, 104, 00186 Roma RM. Average price: $50-$70 per person.

8. SantoPalato Restaurants in Rome


History & Architecture: A relatively new player, SantoPalato has quickly made a name for itself with its focus on traditional Roman cuisine.

Evolution & Current Features: The restaurant is known for reinventing classic Roman dishes with a modern twist.

Ambiance & Services: The setting is contemporary and vibrant, reflecting the innovative spirit of the menu.

Location & Pricing: Piazza Tarquinia, 4a/4b, 00183 Roma RM. Average price: $45-$65 per person.

9. Aroma Restaurants in Rome


History & Architecture: Located atop the Palazzo Manfredi, Aroma offers a panoramic view of the Colosseum.

Evolution & Current Features: This Michelin-starred restaurant is celebrated for its exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

Ambiance & Services: The setting is luxurious and romantic, ideal for a special occasion.

Location & Pricing: Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma RM. Average price: $120-$180 per person.

10. Taverna Trilussa Restaurants in Rome

Taverna Trilussa
Taverna Trilussa

History & Architecture: Established in the Trastevere neighborhood, this tavern is a favorite for its traditional Roman dishes and charming ambiance.

Evolution & Current Features: Known for its pasta served in pans, it offers a unique and rustic dining experience.

Ambiance & Services: The atmosphere is lively and authentically Roman.

Location & Pricing: Via del Politeama, 23-25, 00153 Roma RM. Average price: $40-$60 per person.


The ‘Top 10 Best Restaurants in Rome, Italy’ are not just dining venues; they are culinary experiences that embody the city’s history, innovation, and evolving hospitality. Each restaurant, with its unique story, ambiance, and culinary offerings, invites diners to explore the depths of Roman cuisine. Whether you seek a classic Roman meal or an innovative culinary creation, these establishments promise an unforgettable gastronomic journey in the heart of Rome.


Q: What are the top 10 best restaurants in Rome, Italy?

A: The top 10 best restaurants in Rome typically include La Pergola, Roscioli, Pierluigi, Antico Arco, Il Pagliaccio, Armando al Pantheon, Alfredo alla Scrofa, SantoPalato, Aroma, and Taverna Trilussa. These rankings may vary based on different culinary reviews and personal preferences.

Q: What types of cuisine can I expect at these top restaurants?

A: These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, primarily focusing on traditional and contemporary Italian dishes. You’ll find everything from classic Roman pasta dishes to innovative Italian gourmet cuisine, often emphasizing fresh, local ingredients.

Q: Are reservations required for these top restaurants in Rome?

A: Reservations are highly recommended, especially for the more popular and Michelin-starred restaurants like La Pergola and Il Pagliaccio. It’s advisable to book several weeks in advance.

Q: What is the average meal cost at these top restaurants?

A: The cost varies significantly. For Michelin-starred restaurants like La Pergola, you spend $250-$300 per person, while at more traditional places like Armando al Pantheon, the cost is around $40-$60 per person.

Q: Do these top restaurants in Rome have dress codes?

A: Dress codes can vary. Fine dining establishments like La Pergola usually require smart attire, whereas casual restaurants like Roscioli and Taverna Trilussa might not have a strict dress code.

Q: Are these top restaurants in Rome suitable for special dietary requirements?

A: Most top restaurants accommodate special dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options. However, checking with the restaurant beforehand or mentioning dietary restrictions while making a reservation is recommended.

Q: Can I find international cuisine in these top restaurants in Rome?

A: While the focus is primarily on Italian cuisine, some restaurants, like Il Pagliaccio, are known for incorporating international influences.

Q: What makes these restaurants the best in Rome?

A: These restaurants are renowned for their high-quality ingredients, culinary innovation, exceptional service, and often their historical and cultural significance in Rome’s dining scene.

Q: Is outdoor seating available at these top Rome restaurants?

A: Many restaurants, such as Pierluigi and Taverna Trilussa, offer outdoor seating, which is particularly enjoyable in good weather and provides a quintessential Roman dining experience.

Q: How can I find the top 10 best restaurants in Rome?

The top 10 list can be found through culinary websites, food blogs, and restaurant review platforms like Michelin Guide, TripAdvisor, or local Italian food guides.

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