Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas: A Culinary Journey Through the Heart of the City

Welcome to the dazzling city of Las Vegas, a hub of global entertainment and culinary delights. Known for its vibrant nightlife and luxurious resorts, Las Vegas also boasts some of the finest dining experiences in the world. In this guide, we explore the top 12 restaurants that have become landmarks in their own right, offering not just meals but unforgettable experiences.

A Blend of Flavors and Cultures

Las Vegas‘ culinary scene is as diverse as its visitors. Each restaurant offers a unique taste and ambiance, from the opulent French cuisine at Joël Robuchon to the innovative Mediterranean dishes at Naxos Taverna. This list is a careful selection based on expert reviews, customer feedback, and culinary awards.

The Culinary Stars of Las Vegas

  1. The NoMad Restaurant Las Vegas – Celebrated for its American cuisine with a European twist.
  2. Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar – A fusion of Greek and seafood specialties.
  3. Cathédrale Restaurant Las Vegas – Renowned for its contemporary European dishes.
  4. Mizumi – Offers a serene Japanese dining experience.
  5. HaSalon – Known for its vibrant atmosphere and Israeli cuisine.
  6. Barry’s Downtown Prime – A classic American steakhouse with a modern flair.
  7. Cipriani Las Vegas – An Italian culinary gem in the heart of the city.
  8. Bazaar Meat by José Andrés – A creative take on the American steakhouse.
  9. Restaurant Guy Savoy – A temple of French gastronomy.
  10. Delilah – Combines fine dining with a lavish 1920s atmosphere.
  11. Joël Robuchon – The epitome of luxury French dining.
  12. Picasso – A Spanish and French fusion, inspired by the artist’s works.

A Journey Through Taste and Elegance

Each of these restaurants offers not just food but an immersive experience that reflects the spirit of Las Vegas – extravagant, diverse, and always memorable. Whether it’s the artistic presentation at Picasso or the theatrical flair at HaSalon, dining in these establishments is an event.

1. The NoMad Restaurant Las Vegas

The NoMad Restaurant
The NoMad Restaurant

The NoMad Restaurant in Las Vegas, an extension of the renowned New York establishment, epitomizes culinary sophistication in the heart of the bustling city. Since its opening in 2018 within the NoMad Hotel, this restaurant has been a destination for those seeking an extraordinary dining experience. The ambiance of The NoMad, with its opulent European-style décor, sets a stage of elegance and luxury, reflecting the high standards set by its New York predecessor, renowned for its Michelin-starred status under the guidance of Chef Daniel Humm.

Cuisine and Signature Dishes

The NoMad Las Vegas menu is a celebration of refined American cuisine with subtle European influences. A signature dish that captures the restaurant’s essence is the Roast Chicken for Two, famed for its rich stuffing of black truffle and foie gras. This dish exemplifies the restaurant’s commitment to quality and innovation. The menu’s diversity extends to exquisite seafood options and various seasonal specialties, ensuring each visit offers a unique gastronomic delight. Focusing on fresh, high-quality ingredients elevates each dish to a culinary masterpiece.

Why It’s Famous

The NoMad Restaurant’s acclaim goes beyond its impressive menu. The combination of the extraordinary setting, impeccable service, and a meticulously curated wine and cocktail program makes dining here a holistic experience. The attention to detail in every aspect, from the plush décor to the expertly crafted dishes, ensures that a meal at The NoMad Las Vegas is not just dining but a memorable event, making it a standout in the Las Vegas culinary scene.

2. Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar

Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar
Naxos Taverna

Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar in Las Vegas offer a refreshing Mediterranean escape amidst the city’s desert landscape. While relatively new in the vibrant Las Vegas dining scene, this establishment has quickly garnered attention for its authentic Greek cuisine and exceptional seafood offerings. The restaurant’s ambiance, with its warm and inviting Mediterranean décor, transports diners to the shores of the Aegean, creating a relaxing and enchanting experience.

Specialties and Gastronomic Delights

The menu at Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar is a tribute to the rich flavors of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. A standout feature is their oyster bar, where the freshness and quality of the seafood are second to none. The restaurant’s commitment to using only the finest ingredients is evident in every dish. Specialties like the grilled octopus and the traditional Moussaka showcase the authentic flavors of Greece. The menu also offers a variety of meze, fresh salads, and grilled fish, catering to a range of palates.

Why It Stands Out

What sets Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar apart is their ability to offer a genuine taste of the Mediterranean in a city known for its eclectic culinary offerings. The restaurant’s focus on fresh ingredients, combined with traditional cooking techniques, results in both flavorful and wholesome dishes. The friendly and attentive service adds to the overall dining experience, making it a popular choice for locals and tourists. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a unique dining experience, Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar deliver a memorable Mediterranean journey right in the heart of Las Vegas.

3. Cathédrale


Cathédrale Restaurant, located in the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, is a testament to architectural beauty and culinary excellence. Designed by Rockwell Group and created by Tao Group Hospitality, this French-Mediterranean restaurant pays homage to the original Cathédrale in New York while embracing the dramatic flair and grandeur unique to Las Vegas. The interior is a visual feast, featuring sculptural metal bead chain installations above the bar and main dining room, with a material palette accentuated by cognac and blue leather furniture, distressed mirrors, and polished metal details. This setting provides a breathtaking backdrop for an immersive dining experience.

Cuisine and Signature Dishes

Executive Chef Jason Hall and Culinary Officer Ralph Scamardella have crafted an elemental, ingredient-driven menu that showcases the coastal flavors of France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Signature dishes include “The Omelette,” a carryover from the New York location, filled with crème fraiche and chives, topped with fingerling potato chips and Kaluga caviar. Another standout dish is the 22-ounce Prime Aged Ribeye accompanied by rotisserie leeks and sauce vert. The Salt Baked Mediterranean Sea Bass, presented tableside, is also a highlight, served with rocket arugula, steamed potatoes, and Sorrento lemon. Complementing these exquisite dishes is an extensive wine list and a selection of classic cocktails with inventive twists.

Private Dining and Unique Features

Cathédrale also offers private dining options, with two separate and spacious rooms that can function independently for intimate gatherings or cohesively with the main dining space. The private dining room adjacent to the main area can be partitioned into smaller rooms, allowing guests to enjoy privacy without missing the restaurant’s vibrant energy. Additionally, the larger semi-private dining room is an extension of the main dining area, suitable for larger groups or events.

Overall Experience

Cathédrale is not just a restaurant; it’s a landmark in the urban landscape of Las Vegas. Its unique combination of stunning design, inventive cuisine, and an immersive atmosphere makes it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and those seeking a unique dining experience in the heart of Las Vegas. From its dramatic entrance lined with blue velour drapery to the visually stunning bar and dining area, every aspect of Cathédrale is designed to awe and inspire, offering guests an unforgettable evening of culinary delight and visual splendor.

4. Mizumi


Mizumi, located at the Wynn Las Vegas, stands out as a remarkable destination for Japanese cuisine, where food artistry is taken to new heights. This fine dining spot is known for its exquisite offerings that span various facets of Japanese cuisine, including sushi, seafood, and vegan options. The restaurant’s setting is equally impressive, providing an immersive experience that complements its culinary delights.

Signature Dishes and Experience

Diners at Mizumi can expect a menu that is both intricate and artistic. The restaurant takes pride in presenting dishes that are a feast for the palate and the eyes. While the full range of their menu offerings and specific signature dishes needed to be more detailed in the sources, the emphasis on quality, presentation, and the overall dining experience is a consistent theme.

5. HaSalon


HaSalon, located at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, is not just a restaurant; it’s a vibrant, transformative dining experience that combines culinary creativity with a dynamic atmosphere. Founded by the celebrated Israeli Chef Eyal Shani and Shahar Segal, HaSalon offers a unique blend of Mediterranean cuisine influenced by the essence and tastes of Tel Aviv.

The restaurant is famous for its approach to Mediterranean flavours, creatively blending diverse elements while focusing on the purity and quality of ingredients, often sourced locally. This commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients is evident across its evolving menu, which includes standout dishes like the Horrible Hammer, a beef carpaccio with herbs and flowers, and the Mamaliga, a sweet corn polenta. Other specialities include roasted calamari in sage butter, eggplant sashimi, and artichoke petal pasta​​​​.

Distinctive Dining Experience

HaSalon offers two different dining experiences in one night. Starting at 6 p.m., the first seating focuses on a tranquil, gastronomic journey where the food is the star. In contrast, the second seating, beginning around 8 p.m., transitions the atmosphere from calm to electrifying, channelling the energy of Tel Aviv. This shift is not just in the ambience but also in the interaction with the guests, making the dining experience at HaSalon more than just the food; it’s about the overall experience of joy, energy, and a sense of communal celebration. This unique concept reflects Chef Eyal Shani’s philosophy that HaSalon is about giving happiness and creating a memorable experience for its guests​​.

Design and Concept

The design of HaSalon is as thoughtful and distinctive as its menu. The space is inspired by the restaurant’s name, which means “the living room” in Hebrew, offering comfort and warmth. The eclectic and comfortable beauty of HaSalon is evident in its bespoke collection of chairs, chandeliers, and a curving bar adorned with fresh produce. The colour palette is drawn from the vibrant vegetables and ingredients used in the dishes, combined with textures of concrete, tile, wood, and both modern and vintage-style furniture. This creates an inviting atmosphere that complements the restaurant’s dynamic and celebratory character.​

6. Barry’s Downtown Prime

Barry’s Downtown Prime
Barry’s Downtown Prime

Barry’s Downtown Prime, nestled in the Circa Resort & Casino, has quickly become a key player in the Las Vegas dining scene, thanks to its founder, the acclaimed chef Barry S. Dakake. Known for his previous venture, the N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms, Dakake brings his expertise and passion for steakhouse cuisine to Barry’s Downtown Prime. The restaurant exudes vintage glamour and hospitality, meeting modern innovation and design. It’s a place where you could imagine the Rat Pack hanging out if they were around today. The ambiance is retro and luxurious, offering a setting as compelling as the menu itself.

Culinary Delights

Barry’s Downtown Prime specializes in high-quality steaks and seafood, emphasizing fresh tableside preparations and creative cocktails. The menu is a carnivore’s dream, featuring a range of steaks like Barry’s Steak, a 12-ounce rib cap from Creekstone Farms, and a 40-day, dry-aged, 40-ounce tomahawk. The steaks are cooked over assorted fruit woods and 900-degree coals, giving them a unique flavour. Notable side dishes include George’s Cream Corn, a favourite from Dakake’s previous restaurant. The restaurant remembers vegans, offering options like vegetable meatloaf and roasted heirloom cauliflower.

Their soups and salads, like the Onion Soup and the “Real” Garbage Salad, set the stage for the main course. The menu also features innovative dishes like the Egg Noodle Bone Marrow Luge and classic surf and turf with a truffle aioli twist. Barry’s also offers a selection of fresh seafood options, including Dover Sole and Sea Scallops, presenting a comprehensive menu that caters to a wide range of tastes.

Why It’s Famous

Barry’s Downtown Prime is renowned not just for its food but also for the overall dining experience. Chef Dakake’s involvement with guests, walking the floor and engaging in conversations, adds a unique touch to the occasion, making guests feel special and valued. This level of personal attention, combined with the restaurant’s exceptional cuisine and stylish setting, makes Barry’s Downtown Prime a must-visit for those seeking a classic steakhouse experience with a modern twist in downtown Las Vegas.

7. Cipriani

Cipriani Las Vegas

Cipriani Restaurant in Las Vegas is a fine dining establishment that brings a slice of Italian glamour and gastronomy to the vibrant cityscape. Located at the Wynn Las Vegas, this restaurant continues the rich legacy of the Cipriani brand, known for its classic glamour and impeccable service.

Historical Elegance and Modern Luxury

The history of Cipriani dates back to the opening of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. It has since expanded to several global locations, including New York, Hong Kong, Monte Carlo, and Ibiza. The Las Vegas location maintains the brand’s commitment to timeless elegance, featuring nautical touches, glossy walnut, chrome accents, and terrazzo floors. This ambience provides a luxurious and classic backdrop to the dining experience, embodying the essence of Italian finesse and sophistication.

Culinary Delights: Signature Dishes and Menu

Cipriani Las Vegas offers a menu that pays homage to its Italian roots while catering to the diverse tastes of its patrons. Signature classics include the original Carpaccio alla Cipriani and decadent Vanilla Meringue. Additionally, the restaurant boasts the iconic Bellini, invented by Giuseppe Cipriani Sr. in 1948, which has become a staple of the Cipriani dining experience. The menu offers a range of Italian dishes, including excellent pizzas and Japanese words from the Yotto menu, reflecting a fusion of culinary influences.

Why Cipriani Stands Out in Las Vegas

What sets Cipriani apart in the bustling Las Vegas dining scene is its rich culinary offerings and overall experience. The restaurant exudes a blend of classic and modern luxury, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and exclusive. The meticulous attention to detail in service and cuisine echoes the brand’s ethos of “to serve is first to love,” ensuring that each guest’s visit is memorable and enjoyable.

8. Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés
Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés, located at Sahara Las Vegas, is not just a steakhouse but a culinary destination celebrating the Art of meat preparation and cooking. Led by the James Beard award-winning chef José Andrés, the restaurant is known for its unique approach to carnivorous cuisine. The menu is an ode to meat lovers, offering a selection of exceptional tasting menus that highlight the quality and variety of meats. This ground-breaking culinary experience is set in a strikingly seductive environment, blending unusual ingredients with impeccable techniques to elevate every dish.

Signature Dishes and Dining Atmosphere

Walking into Bazaar Meat, you’re immediately drawn into the warmth of its dining room, accentuated by several grills cooking slabs of beef and an oak-burning dome oven used exclusively to roast whole suckling pigs. The Vaca Vieja, renowned for its chewy texture and meatier taste, is one of the menu’s highlights. Another standout dish is the “beefsteak” tomato tartare, an inventive creation that mimics the flavours of beef in a vegetable-based dish. The restaurant’s ability to create innovative dishes beyond the typical steakhouse fare is a testament to its culinary prowess.

A Culinary Landmark in Las Vegas

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés has become a must-visit culinary landmark in Las Vegas. Its unique blend of creative yet high-quality dishes, set against a backdrop of luxurious and seductive ambience, offers diners an experience beyond just dining. It’s a place where the love for meat is celebrated in every aspect, from the carefully sourced ingredients to the masterful preparation and presentation of each dish. The restaurant’s private dining rooms enhance the experience, providing an intimate setting for special occasions.

9. Restaurant Guy Savoy

Restaurant Guy Savoy
Restaurant Guy Savoy

Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace is not just a dining destination; it’s a celebration of the finest in French gastronomy. Nestled amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas, this Michelin-starred restaurant offers an extraordinary dining experience that blends the brilliance of French culinary Art with the glitz of Sin City.

The opulent interior is designed to transport diners to Paris, with sleek lines, dark woods, and subtle lighting creating an intimate and luxurious atmosphere. The restaurant features stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a breathtaking view of the Vegas Strip, further enhancing the dining experience.

Culinary Innovations and Signature Dishes

The menu at Guy Savoy is a testament to Chef Savoy’s dedication to perfection, featuring an array of expertly crafted dishes that showcase the best French cuisine. Ingredients worldwide ensure that each word is a masterpiece in flavour and presentation.

The restaurant offers several tasting menus, with the ‘Innovation Menu’ featuring seasonal dishes that highlight Chef Savoy’s creativity using only the finest ingredients. Signature dishes include langoustine tartare with golden Osetra caviar, foie gras terrine with black truffle, and slow-cooked duck with artichokes and sweet spices. The ‘Prestige Menu’ provides an extravagant array of dishes with luxurious ingredients such as black truffle, lobster, and Wagyu beef.

A Unique Dining Experience: The Caviar Room

For those seeking an exclusive dining experience, Guy Savoy offers the “Caviar Room,” a private area dedicated to the finest caviars worldwide. This luxurious space provides an intimate setting for guests to indulge in various caviar dishes, complemented by champagne pairings selected by the sommelier. The restaurant’s extensive wine cellar, with more than 2,100 selections focusing on French wines, ensures that each dish is paired with the perfect wine.

10. Delilah


Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas is a distinctive dining venue that reimagines the classic American supper club with a modern touch. This establishment, presented by Wynn Las Vegas and the acclaimed global hospitality partner h.wood Group, offers a unique atmosphere reminiscent of the earliest showrooms of Las Vegas in the 1950s.

The exclusive Tower Suites enclave, where Delilah is located, sets the stage for a supper club experience that combines elegant dining with lively entertainment, including live music, special performances, and DJs, particularly during their Sunday Night Jazz sessions. The venue’s multiple environments allow guests to dine and socialize in an elegant and vibrant setting, capturing the timeless charm and joyful energy of the bygone era.

Culinary Delights and Specialties

Delilah’s menu is a nod to throwback American dishes and cocktails. Some of the standout items on the menu include the Stepford Wife, their take on a French 75 cocktail, chicken tenders, and carrot soufflé. The restaurant’s culinary approach is designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia while offering dishes that cater to contemporary tastes.

The Art Deco-inspired decor further enhances the ambience, which is meticulously designed to please even the most discerning interior design enthusiasts. However, it’s worth noting that Delilah maintains a strict “no photos” policy, preserving the mystique and exclusivity of the dining experience.

Why Delilah Stands Out

Delilah has quickly become one of the toughest reservations to secure in Las Vegas, a testament to its popularity and allure. The combination of its sophisticated setting, high-quality American cuisine, and lively entertainment lineup, including the possibility of surprise celebrity performances, makes Delilah a sought-after destination for a special night out. The restaurant’s commitment to creating a luxurious and entertaining experience has made it a standout addition to the Las Vegas dining scene, attracting not only locals but also visitors seeking a unique and memorable dining experience.

11. Joël Robuchon

Joël Robuchon
Joël Robuchon

Joël Robuchon, a name that resonates with culinary excellence, established a gastronomic empire that redefined fine dining. The celebrated French chef, known as the most Michelin-starred chef in the world, brought his passion for French cuisine to Las Vegas by opening his namesake restaurant. Before passing in 2018, Robuchon had earned a staggering 32 Michelin stars across his global establishments, a testament to his influence and mastery in the culinary world.

His restaurant in Las Vegas, located in the MGM Grand, quickly became a pinnacle of haute cuisine on the Strip, earning numerous accolades, including three Michelin stars in 2009, as well as recognition from Forbes Travel Guide and Wine Spectator as one of the world’s finest dining experiences​​.

Culinary Masterpieces and Signature Dishes

Dining at Restaurant Joël Robuchon is often regarded as a badge of honour among gastronomes. The restaurant is celebrated for its degustation menu, a 10-course exploration of Robuchon’s culinary brilliance priced at $485. Signature dishes like caviar-topped lobster with cauliflower puree and braised beef cheeks with red miso showcase the chef’s innovative approach to classic French cuisine.

Another iconic dish that has gained global acclaim is Robuchon’s pommes puree, renowned for its silky texture and rich buttery flavour. The menu also features a selection of smaller dishes and appetizers, ranging from traditional French recipes to Robuchon’s experimental creations, each crafted to perfection with subtle flavour profiles and sensational experience​​​​.

An Unparalleled Dining Experience

Restaurant Joël Robuchon in Las Vegas offers more than just a meal; it’s a journey through French culinary artistry. The restaurant’s intimate setting, with only 12 tables, ensures a personalized and exclusive dining experience. Guests can indulge in various course options, from a pre-theatre meal to a lavish 16-course Discovery Prix Fixe, making each visit a unique gastronomic adventure.

The restaurant’s commitment to simplicity and elegance, combined with Robuchon’s relentless pursuit of perfection, has left an indelible mark on the world of fine dining, continuing to attract enthusiasts from around the globe.

12. Picasso

Picasso Restaurant

Picasso Restaurant, situated within the Bellagio Las Vegas, is a fine dining experience that intertwines Art with gastronomy. As the name suggests, the restaurant features original artworks by Pablo Picasso, creating a culturally rich and visually stunning atmosphere. The setting is designed to reflect an elegant charm reminiscent of the rustic yet sophisticated style associated with Picasso himself.

Cuisine and Special Dishes:

The culinary offerings at Picasso are primarily inspired by the regional cuisines of Spain and France, reflecting the areas where Picasso spent much of his life. Executive Chef Julian Serrano, synonymous with high-quality cuisine, leads the kitchen. His expertise is evident in the beautifully crafted dishes that are both a feast for the eyes and the palate. Some of the signature dishes include the Pan Seared U-10 Day Boat Scallop with Potato Mousseline and Jus de Veau, the Roasted Maine Lobster with Flying Fish Caviar and Crème Fraîche Vinaigrette, and the Halibut with Green Asparagus and Sauce Hollandaise. These dishes represent a harmonious blend of flavours and are prepared with seasonal ingredients, ensuring freshness and quality.

Accolades and Recognition:

The restaurant has garnered high praise and numerous accolades over the years. It boasts awards such as the Five Diamond Award from AAA, the Grand Award for Best Wine List from Wine Spectator, and the James Beard Foundation recognition. Additionally, it has earned a Two-star rating from Guide Michelin and a five-star rating from Forbes Travel Guide, further cementing its status as a top-tier dining destination.

Why It’s Famous:

Picasso Restaurant’s fame stems from its unique combination of exceptional cuisine, an impressive collection of Picasso’s Art, and its romantic, scenic location by the Bellagio Fountains. The restaurant provides an exquisite dining experience and an immersive cultural and artistic journey. Its consistently high ratings and reviews from diners also contribute to its fame, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts and art lovers.


In summary, Las Vegas’s dining scene is as dazzling and varied as its famous Strip. Each establishment offers a unique culinary journey, from the sophisticated flavours of The NoMad Restaurant to the Mediterranean delights of Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar. World-class offerings like the French elegance at Cathédrale, the Japanese serenity at Mizumi, and the lively Israeli fare at HaSalon mark the city’s diverse gastronomic landscape.

Barry’s Downtown Prime and Cipriani Las Vegas bring classic American and Italian cuisine to new heights, while Bazaar Meat by José Andrés and Restaurant Guy Savoy redefine acceptable dining standards with their creative flair. Delilah adds a touch of vintage glamour to the mix, and Joël Robuchon and Picasso’s artistic genius offers experiences that are not just about food but about indulging in a cultural and sensory feast.

These 12 restaurants stand as a testament to Las Vegas’s status as a culinary capital, each contributing its unique flavour to the city’s vibrant food tapestry. They’re not just places to eat; they’re destinations that offer unforgettable experiences combining exquisite cuisine, extraordinary settings, and impeccable service. For food enthusiasts and casual diners alike, Las Vegas provides a plate for every palate, making it a true paradise for the epicurean traveller.

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