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Top 10 Best Hotels in Lyon, France 2024

Lyon, France, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, has seen its hotel landscape transform remarkably. This evolution is reflected in the top 10 best hotels in Lyon, which showcase a blend of classic elegance and modern innovation. From historic establishments that have stood the test of time to contemporary hotels that redefine luxury, Lyon’s hotel scene is as diverse as the city. These establishments offer quality accommodations and embody the essence of Lyon through their unique characteristics. For instance, some hotels have embraced sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices without compromising luxury, while others have incorporated cutting-edge technology to enhance guest experiences.

The criteria for selecting the top 10 best hotels in Lyon are rigorous and multifaceted, focusing on quality, authenticity, innovation, and specific attributes relevant to the city’s character. These hotels have been chosen not just for their exceptional service and amenities but also for how they encapsulate the spirit of Lyon. The selection includes hotels that have consistently maintained high standards over the years, showcasing the timeless appeal of classic hospitality. Simultaneously, it highlights new players in the industry who are pushing the boundaries with innovative concepts and designs. This list is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of Lyon’s hotel industry, offering insights for seasoned travelers and those seeking fresh perspectives on the city’s accommodation offerings.

Top 10 hotels in Lyon, France

1. Villa Maïa: A Modern Icon on Historic Grounds

Villa Maïa
Villa Maïa

Founded in the 21st century, Villa Maïa is a historical site atop Lyon’s Fourvière hill. Its architecture is a modern ode to the city’s Roman and Renaissance past, offering breathtaking views. Initially embracing classic luxury, it now incorporates advanced spa facilities and personalized service. Villa Maïa has become synonymous with refined modernity in Lyon’s hotel landscape.

  • Address: 8 Rue Professeur Pierre Marion, 69005 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Approx. €350 per night

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2. Cour des Loges: Renaissance Elegance in Old Lyon

Cour des Loges
Cour des Loges

Cour des Loges, set in a building dating back to the 14th century, mirrors a Renaissance château. It has hosted various dignitaries and is renowned for its historical ambiance. Over time, it has added contemporary luxuries while preserving its antique charm. The hotel’s evolution reflects Lyon’s journey from medieval times to modernity.

  • Address: 6 Rue du Boeuf, 69005 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Around €250 per night

3. Fourvière Hôtel: Historic Convent Turned Luxury Retreat

Fourvière Hôtel
Fourvière Hôtel

Housed in a former convent, Fourvière Hôtel marries its historical roots with modern luxury. Its evolution has seen the integration of contemporary amenities while maintaining its serene, monastic ambiance. The hotel is a sanctuary for those seeking a blend of history and modern comfort.

  • Address: 23 Rue Roger Radisson, 69005 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Approximately €200 per night

4. Hôtel Le Royal: Classic Luxury Meets Culinary Excellence

Hôtel Le Royal
Hôtel Le Royal

Over a century old, Hôtel Le Royal is known for its elegant interiors and prestigious cooking school. It has evolved from a classic hotel to a destination for culinary enthusiasts, maintaining high standards of hospitality and gastronomy. The hotel embodies Lyon’s reputation as a gastronomic hub.

  • Address: 20 Place Bellecour, 69002 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Around €180 per night

5. Sofitel Lyon Bellecour: Contemporary Elegance on the Riverbank

Sofitel Lyon Bellecour
Sofitel Lyon Bellecour

Sofitel Lyon Bellecour, known for its strategic location by the Rhône River, blends French elegance with contemporary design. It has evolved to offer premium facilities and a renowned restaurant, embodying the modern luxury traveler’s desires.

  • Address: 20 Quai Gailleton, 69002 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Approximately €210 per night

6. InterContinental Lyon – Hotel Dieu: A Historic Landmark of Luxury

InterContinental Lyon - Hotel Dieu
Hotel Dieu

Situated in the iconic Hôtel-Dieu, the InterContinental Lyon represents a fusion of historical grandeur with contemporary luxury. Its transformation into a luxury hotel reflects the city’s ability to repurpose its architectural heritage into modern-day marvels.

  • Address: 20 Quai Jules Courmont, 69002 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Around €250 per night

7. Hotel Carlton Lyon: Timeless Elegance in the City’s Heart

Hotel Carlton Lyon
Hotel Carlton Lyon

Hotel Carlton Lyon, with its distinctive red facade, blends historic charm and modern hospitality. Located centrally, it offers a boutique experience, evolving to cater to the modern traveler’s need for convenience and elegance.

  • Address: 4 Rue Jussieu, 69002 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Approximately €150 per night

8. MOB Hotel Lyon Confluence: Eco-Friendly Innovation in a Trendy District

MOB Hotel Lyon Confluence
MOB Hotel Lyon Confluence

MOB Hotel in the Confluence district is a modern, sustainable hospitality leader. Its focus on eco-friendly practices and cultural events marks it as a trailblazer, offering a fresh and vibrant experience.

  • Address: 55 Quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Around €120 per night

9. Okko Hotels Lyon Pont Lafayette: Modern Simplicity Near Pont Lafayette

Okko Hotels Lyon Pont Lafayette
Okko Hotels Lyon Pont Lafayette

Okko Hotels stands out for its innovative, all-inclusive concept. It caters to the contemporary traveler’s needs with its modern design and comprehensive services, representing the simplicity and efficiency of contemporary hoteling.

  • Address: 14 Bis Quai Général Sarrail, 69006 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Approximately €130 per night

10. Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon: Panoramic Views from an Urban Landmark

Radisson Blu Hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel

As Lyon’s tallest hotel, Radisson Blu offers unparalleled city views. Its modern amenities and exceptional service cater to those seeking luxury, illustrating the fusion of urbanity and hospitality.

  • Address: 129 Rue Servient, 69003 Lyon, France
  • Current Pricing: Around €160 per night


Lyon’s top 10 hotels are more than just accommodations; they embody the city’s journey through time. Each hotel, with its unique blend of history, innovation, and luxury, offers an insight into Lyon’s rich cultural and architectural heritage. Whether seeking the charm of old-world elegance or the sleekness of modern luxury, these hotels cater to all preferences, ensuring a memorable stay in one of France’s most enchanting cities.

FAQs about the Top 10 Best Hotels in Lyon, France

1. What are the top 10 best hotels in Lyon, France?

A: The top 10 best hotels in Lyon include Villa Maïa, Cour des Loges, Fourvière Hôtel, Hôtel Le Royal, Sofitel Lyon Bellecour, InterContinental Lyon, Hotel Carlton Lyon, MOB Hotel Lyon Confluence, Okko Hotels Lyon Pont Lafayette, and Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon.

2. Which hotel offers the best view of Lyon?

A: Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon, located in the Part-Dieu tower, is renowned for its breathtaking panoramic city views, making it one of the best scenic vistas.

3. Are there any luxury hotels in historical buildings in Lyon?

A: Several luxury hotels in Lyon are housed in historical buildings, such as Cour des Loges, set in a Renaissance-style building, and InterContinental Lyon, located in the historic Hôtel-Dieu.

4. Which hotels in Lyon are known for their spa facilities?

A: Villa Maïa is well-known for its luxurious spa facilities, offering a blend of relaxation and modern amenities.

5. Can I find eco-friendly hotels in Lyon?

A: MOB Hotel Lyon Confluence is recognized for its eco-friendly practices and sustainable approach to hospitality.

6. Are there hotels in Lyon that cater to culinary enthusiasts?

A: Hôtel Le Royal is famous for its prestigious cooking school and is ideal for guests interested in gastronomy.

7. What are the price ranges for the top hotels in Lyon?

A: The prices vary depending on the hotel and season, ranging from approximately €120 to €350 per night.

8. Which hotel suits travelers seeking a central location in Lyon?

A: Hotel Carlton Lyon, located in the heart of the city, offers a central location that is convenient for exploring Lyon.

9. Are there any modern, design-focused hotels in Lyon?

A: Sofitel Lyon Bellecour and Okko Hotels Lyon Pont Lafayette are known for their contemporary design and modern amenities.

10. Do these top hotels in Lyon offer family-friendly accommodations?

A: Many hotels provide family-friendly accommodations, but it’s best to check with the individual hotel for specific family amenities and services.

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